New one-to-one A-level classes in Leoforos Kifisias

Now you can attend one-to one A-level lessons at a convenient new location in Leoforos Kifisias (296) in Halandri. In collaboration with IMS, who offer the renowned Strathclyde MBA in Greece, we offer these A-level lessons at the IMS premises in good proximity to your school.

Who are we ?

This is a collaborative initiative between Foundation College, a centre dedicated to the preparation of students for entry to British undergraduate courses since 1988 that was recently awarded the Pears/Edexcel Outstanding School Award, and IMS a recognised private tertiary education College that offers Strathclyde University's postgraduate courses in Athens.

Where ?

Teaching will be done at the IMS premises on Leoforos Kifisias 296 about 500m from the pedestrian bridge at Filothei with easy access from the local Psihiko and Filothei schools.

Which A-levels ?

The subjects that are being scheduled for teaching are: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics. 

When ?

You can start anytime and we will design a weekly schedule to suit your needs. Lessons last 1:30 in afternoon sessions between 4:30 - 9:00 pm.

Who are A-levels for ?

A-levels are mainly studied by students who are in their penultimate and/or their final years at school who plan to study at English-speaking degree courses and especially at British Universities. However A-levels are open to anyone who wishes to attend them and we set no pre-requisites for admission. It is possible for outstanding students to commence studying for their A-levels a year earlier.

How many A-levels ?

Typical admission offers by UK universities specify three A-levels. However when A-levels are combined with other qualifications, such as the Greek Apolitirion, it is common for students to be admitted with fewer than 3 A-levels. In any case, students should aim to complete the A-levels that they can successfully complete along with other school commitments. Remember that A-levels are an essential preparation that safeguards not only the successful progression of students onto UK degrees but also their prospect of successful completion of their degrees.

When and where are A-levels examined ?

The International A-levels by Pearson/Edexcel are examined three times a year (January, June and October) and the examinations can be taken at a number of centres in Greece including Foundation College or the British Council. Our teaching schedule prepares students for the June examination session but exams (or re-examinations to improve grades) can be taken at any examination period.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees depend on the frequency of your lessons and the number of subjects that you study. The tuition fees do not include the examination fees which are payable per examination.

More information

Please call IMS on (30) 210-7230814 to make an appointment to discuss your questions with Mrs Ferendinou or Dr Valsamis at the IMS premises on Leoforos Kifisias.

What our students say

"The way the teaching was done, made me love subjects I never thought I would."

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Management Studies, Surrey University 

Foundation College
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Athens, Greece

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