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Exam Practice Sessions

IB Math Practice:   Saturday 18 December 2 - 5 pm
A-level Math Practice:  Monday 20 December  4 - 7 pm

IB Physics Practice:   Sunday 19 December 2 - 5 pm    
A-level Physics Practice:    Tuesday 21 December 4 - 7 pm 

Are you worried about your A-level Math and Physics exam skills?

Not sure how to perfect your presentation?

These sessions help A-level and IB students sharpen their solving strategies in preparation for their January and/or June 2018 exams. They are delivered as teaching classes that last two hours and tackle full past papers and more to show students how they can approach solutions and maintain control of time. The tuition fee for attending each two hour session is only 60 € and is payable in advance when you book your place for a session. Each session is separate and covers different past paper questions so students can opt to attend just one or more sessions. The number of students per session will be limited to twelve. 

The classes run either during holidays or on weekends and are announced periodically. They are taught by Dimitris Valsamis and will take place in either Kifisia or Syndagma/Monastiraki. 

The students that register for a class will receive the past paper questions that will be covered in that class by email on the eve of the session so they can, if they so wish, attempt some of the questions and contrast their solutions with those demonstrated during the class. Please note that these are exam-question-solving sessions rather than regular teaching sessions and while students have the opportunity to ask brief questions the main task is to show students how they can perfect their solving strategies. It is assumed that students are familiar with the material involved.

To reserve a place on one of the announced class sessions please contact Ms Dimitroglou on 2105243600 during weekdays between 12 noon and 8 pm or send an email to quoting your name so we can send you payment instructions.

Please visit this page again in future to find out when more sessions will be scheduled. 

What our students say

"Past papers contain all types of questions from a broad range of difficulty. By doing these past papers in class we could review all the syllabus without focusing on anything specific .This allows us to be able to hone the skills in every part of the tested syllabus and understand what questions are set and how we should go on to answer them."

Ioannis Tzoumas,

University of Glasgow, Accounting and Finance

Foundation College
16 Kyriakou Street,
Kifisia 14562

phone: +30 2108081050
phone: +30 2105243600