Alexandra did three A-levels with us and this earned her a place at the medical school of Athens University (English programme) where she will commence her study in October 2024.

We are very proud of her achievement and hope to help more candidates like her in future.

Here is what she wrote to her Biology teacher:

"I have never received so much support as I received from you. From middle school I had kinda of a complex that I am "nothing special" because it didn't matter how hard I tried, I was always number 2 or worse. I am so grateful that you helped me to change this. You believed in me and you were supporting me so much that I changed my mind about myself dramatically. Thank you so so much for this. Going to college after what happened was a big step for me, it meant a completely new start. I am so happy that I met you and other people, you helped me to understand that I am welcomed and that I can get my life back. You are also a very great teacher, honestly. I am very happy that I was able to learn hard stuff such as respiration or nerve impulses with you. I think if somebody will wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me mechanism of transmission of NI I will answer :))

ISo thank you again, and see you in a few months!! Have a great summer!

Best regards,

Aleksandra. "

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