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Foundation College is now offering all its courses by dual mode of delivery. By live classes and online on zoom. Zoom classes are not recorded sessions but true live classes where you see, hear and interact with your teacher. Our online programme commenced with four subjects in September 2019, well before the lockdown, and since 2020 we offer the online option on all our courses/subjects. Each subject is taught in two two-hourly classes per week over 32 weeks from mid-September to mid-May. Every class is supported by homework questions, solutions, assignments and class notes online while a recording is available to watch in case you miss a class.

The curriculum that we teach follows the Pearson Edexcel International A-level (IAL) syllabus in respective subjects and therefore the programme is ideal for those who wish to prepare for A-level examinations which they can sit either at our centre or at any other A-level examination centre around the world. Those who prefer to take a different assessment route that involves more coursework and fewer examinations can enrol on our foundation programme and receive certification from Foundation College. Both the A-levels and the foundation programme are university admission qualifications for UK universities and beyond. IALs have a wide recognition for university admission across the world. For a full list of universities (British, Irish, Dutch, German, Swiss, Italian, American and more) that accept IALs see here

The subjects we offer online are:

- Mathematics 

- Physics 

- Economics 

- Chemistry

- Biology

- Information Technology

- Law

- Business

- Greek

- Further Mathematics

- Psychology

- IELTS preparation 

We also offer a flexible IELTS online course by live classes on zoom. You can train for the IELTS test from the comfort of your home in ten classes taught over ten weeks which keep repeating with new examples and new material so you can do as much as you need to ensure you improve your score to the desired level.

Tuition fees for the online programme are on a per-subject basis so you pay for what you study. In 2023-24 the tuition fees for each subject taught online is 1600 € for AS-level or A2-level classes (one sessions per week), or 3000 € for the full A-level (two sessions per week) and 6000 € for the entire foundation programme (eight sessions per week). Tuition fees for the short IELTS programme is 249€. Tuition fees do not include the online support (paid separately at 160 GBP per subject) examination fees and the cost of books. The examination fees for A-levels may vary from subject to subject and from centre to centre so consult your local examinations centre. Examination fees for foundation course subjects are 150 GBP per subject. 

Admission is open to anyone who wishes to join but it is strongly recommended that students have a good level of English (IELTS 5.0) and have completed GCSE equivalent level in respective subjects which is typically the academic level achieved after ten years of national school education.

If you prefer our class-based foundation programme read here or our traditional class-based A-level programme read here

Sample Classes: We recognise that many students and their parents are skeptical about online classes. We believe that they offer tremendous advantages and our teachers are trained to teach great classes online but we know that online learning does not suit all students. You can see for yourselves whether our online classes suit you so we will be pleased to accept guest/trial students on our classes with no commitment whatsoever. Send us an email and we will arrange for you to access the next class in the subject that interests you.

You may apply for the online courses using the online application. Click the APPLY button at the top of this page.

Call Popi Dimitroglou on (30) 210 5243600 or send an email for more information.

What our students say

"I attended online classes in Further Mathematics this year. I acquired lots of new skills, while the time I saved, by not having to commute to and from the college, made my studying schedule a lot more flexible! After all, online teaching was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it... "

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