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Here is a list of tips or links that will help your education and your career. These may include some of the courses or services we offer but are mainly links to external sources that we find useful and relevant. There is a UK focus but much of what you read applies universally.

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Scholarships for Business Masters in the UK
In recent years, as family incomes shrink, more and more Greek candidates depend on scholarships to finance their Masters. Scholarships, however, are quite elusive and most applicants end up being disappointed or frustrated. You should remember that Business Departments receive little independent funding from governmental bodies or research councils so they mainly depend on tuition fees for their income. While all good universities are keen to attract good students to maintain a high quality output which enhances their reputation, they already receive many applications from outstanding Asian students who are willing to pay eye-watering fees to study for their Masters. Despite the torrent of Asian applications, good UK universities try to maintain a cultural balance in their student cohorts and recognize the need to provide some incentives to crisis-striken Greeks to join their taught Masters programmes. These incentives usually are partial scholarships or bursaries that cover part of the tuition fees but can be full scholarships in certain Masters at certain universities in specific years. For example, the reputable Lancaster University Management School was offering full scholarships to strong Greek applicants in 2018. These subject-specific scholarships or bursaries are usually advertised at the universities’ websites and often have conditions attached to them. Apart from targeting applicants with high grades in their first degree, scholarships typically have early deadlines which is often a problem for Greek applicants who tend to leave their applications until rather late. So what are you waiting for?
English as a predictor of career success
If you plan to live and work in the UK after graduation your level of English is the most important predictor of career success. Put plainly, your English matters more than your grades. Although English is meant to improve while you study for your degree in the UK this doesn’t work for everyone. I often come across graduates whose linguistic skills lag behind what is acceptable for professional work. So, take an active interest to improve your English while living in the UK and do not assume it will happen on its own. Watch TV, read the news, and engage in conversation at every opportunity..
Surviving in Accounting and Finance degree courses
Greek students studying Accounting in UK universities find the subject particularly hard. There is a good reason for this: while Accounting is a school subject in many countries, including the UK, it is totally absent from the Greek school curriculum. As a result Greek students have zero knowledge of the subject when most other students at university are already quite advanced in Accounting.
Solution: All Greek students heading for Accounting in the UK make sure you read a book on IGCSE or (preferably) A-level Accounting before you join your degree course.

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