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Our A-level classes on zoom are truly live and can save you precious commuting time while our accelerated teaching programme can save you a whole year. A-levels are the best possible preparation for your university study and are accepted all over the world.


A-levels will admit you to UK and many other universities that teach in English. You can do your A-levels with us by live or zoom classes in one or more years  Find out more


Our Foundation courses offer the safest route to UK university entry. Study on our courses by live classes or on zoom from your home.  Find out more

GCSE by zoom classes

We also offer one-year GCSEs by live or zoom classes. Prepare for your A-levels or your IB and secure strong predictors for your applications.  Read more. 

IELTS, Interview prep and more

We train students for selection interviews. Find out more. We are highly experienced in preparing students for the IELTS test. Read more


These subject-specific admission tests are necessary for admission to medicine in the UK and Italy. We offer short courses that improve your score. Read more

Application Service

We can help you gain admission to study in the UK. Our experienced counsellors will help you get accepted at the best institutions. Find out more


- Boswell Beta prep course now offered

An intensive 8 week course to prepare candidates for the Boswell Beta A exam (Dutch Universities selection exam) will be offered in January 2024. Anyone interested please contact Popi on 2105243600.

- January 2023 A-level results

We had a remarkable set of results with 32 A's and an outstanding statistic of perfect scores: 11 perfect scores (100%) out of 69 takes. And all this when we are not a school that selects its students on the basis of academic achievement !

- IGCSE programme at IMS in Kifisias at Halandri

If you plan to pursue the IB or A-levels, or you plan to study abroad and want to be well prepared by knowing your subjects well in English then the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an ideal preparatory route for you. You can study for your IGCSEs with us and you can take as many subjects as your time allows. read more...

- A-levels accepted by more universities in Europe

If you thought that students do A-levels for British universities you are wrong. Our student Stavroula, started A-levels with us three years ago and has now completed three subjects at A-level never intending to study in the UK, due to the high tuition fees. We have just learnt that she was admitted to study Psychology at the renowned Maastricht university in Holland on the strength of her three A-levels. 

- IELTS intensive programme

10 week IELTS prep programme for only 200 €. This course is free to our A-level or foundation course students 

- Brexit and its effect on Greek students

The British government has announced that European students who start their degree in England, Wales or Scotland in September 2021 or later pay international tuition fees and will no longer have access to the student loan. However, many universities already offer special discounts to European students to match the home tuition fees. So tuition fees will in many cases stay at around 9500 pounds per year. Tuition fee loan is no longer available to EU students, however student loans are now available through home country bank loans. For example click here.

- All our classes are now also offered online via zoom.

We started the year before last but now we are near experts in online teaching through the zoom platform. It is hard to beat conventional classes but with international A-levels not readily available locally the online option is really the way forward for many of our students.

- A-level Results 2021

This year was not a year to be proud of because the coronavirus meant the cancellation of exams. Our excellent results are, therefore, nothing to write home about and hope that next year we can publish true, exam-based, results. Nonetheless all our students achieved their placements and their aspirations. Among those that achieved noteworthy admissions are Alexandros V who went to Sheffield for Medicine and Aris M who went to Warwick for Mathematics.  

- A-level Results 2020

We had outstanding results in August 2020 with many students achieving A*. Dimitra P (A*A*A) goes to Oxford for Biology, Konstantinos T (A*AA) goes to Nottingham for Veterinary Medicine, Loris M (A*A*A*) goes to UCL for PPE, Anastasia A (A*A*A) goes to St Andrews for Psychology, Katialena A (AAA) goes to Sussex for Psychology, Georgios D  (AAA) to Edinburgh for Biochemistry, Konstantinos M (A*A*A) to Manchester for Engineering, Nephele A (A*A*A*) to UCL for Computer Science, Dorothy K (A*AA) to UCL for Biochemistry, Anthi T (A*AC) to Southampton for Computer Science, Giannis S (AA) to Strathclyde for Engineering, Dimitra C (ABC) to Newcastle for Molecular Biology. Every applicant succeeded to enter their first choice institution which has never happened before!

- Information sessions on zoom
Ask your questions by live meeting on zoom. No need to travel to our offices, no need to worry about parking your car or getting on the bus. Call us on +30-2105243600 to book your meeting.

- Athens site moves to Kifisia
From 1 July 2020 the Athens Site and the administration of the College operate in Kifisia, at 16 Kyriakou Street. Our phone numbers haven't changed.

- Further Mathematics A-level taught exclusively by live classes on zoom
Last year Further Mathematics was taught exclusively online. Students found online classes no different from classroom classes but saved them commuting time.

- A-level Results 2019
Our students made us proud again in August 2019 with many achieving A*. Here is a brief list of achievements:  Maria K goes to Cambridge (Sidney Sussex) for Archaeology, Maria F goes to St Andrews for Biology, and Nikos goes to UCL Biomedical Engineering. Stavriani goes to Nottingham for Medicine while Ion, Max and Nikos K go to Manchester for Business Finance, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Among other notable achievements, Eleni and Mariza go to Lancaster, and, at last, an A in Psychology A-level - credit goes to Ion for this achievement! 

- Prizes 2019
We are proud to announce yet more prizes in the latest Edexcel exam series. Eleanna earned the highest grade in Greece in A-level Economics and Vassilis earned the highest grade in Greece in A-level Greek. These achievements broaden the range of subjects where our students achieve outstanding results. We now have outstanding results in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Economics and Greek! All these have been achieved within the last 4 years. Read more. 

- Outstanding School Award
After a great year in 2017 that saw our students come top of the world in Further Mathematics and best in Greece in Physics Chemistry and Biology A-levels, we are proud to receive the "Outstanding School" Award from Pearson/Edexcel read more. 

- A-level centre in Leoforos Kifisias 296

In September 2020 we started teaching two-year A-level courses in good proximity to local schools at the IMS premises in Leoforos Kifisias 296. read more

- Pearson prizes
We are proud for ex-students Manolis A and Amalia H who won important Pearson-Edexcel International A-level (IAL) prizes for the year 2017. Amalia earned the best IAL Biology and IAL Chemistry grades in Greece and Manolis earned the best Physics IAL grade in Greece and the best Further Mathematics IAL grade in the world!   Read more about these prizes. 

- Great results again in 2018

Our 2018 A-level results continued our tradition of excellence with Danai achieving A*A*A and securing her place to study Physics at Imperial College. Byron achieved A*AB and was accepted to study Mechanical Engineering in Bristol while Anna achieved A*A and was admitted to study Economics in Bath.
Our 2017 A-level results featured the outstanding A*A*A*A*A* by Manolis who was admitted in Cambridge, and the remarkable A*A*A* by Amalia H. and  A*A*AA by Dimitris both of who were admitted at UCL. Panoraia who achieved A*A*AB was admitted at Warwick. 

- Study medicine in the UK  Download Booklet

- Our students score top grade in the world in A-level Maths and Further Maths
After Ioannis Kalamaras won the Edexcel prize for achieving the highest grade in the world in Mathematics in 2015, Manolis Angelidakis achieved the same in Further Mathematics in 2017. Interestingly, neither student went on to study Mathematics, nor was their teacher a mathematician! 

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